New Season = New Identity

On November 1, 2012 by Tyler Reagin

I can remember three times in the past 11 years that my identity has become drastically different almost overnight.  I want to talk about the third time…which is happening today.

Let’s start with the mistake I think most of us make when we start something new and leave something old.  How many of you actually mourned the loss of or grieved the death of an old identity?  I know that sounds morbid, but it’s incredibly important.  Some changes will require less grieving than others.  When I got married, I did not spend days grieving the loss of my singleness.  I was too excited about being married!  However, if we just move on and never acknowledge the change in identity—the death of your old self and the start of your new self (sounds biblical, huh?)—we will potentially start the new season on a shaky foundation.

With today being the start of a new season and identity for me, I feel completely locked in and ready to go.  For the past two months every time someone asked me if I was excited about my new job at Catalyst, my answer was the same, “I will be.  Right now I am passionate about finishing well.”  I meant that.  I was grieving the loss of all that I had known for the past seven years.  My identity was changing, and I needed time to process it and allow that identity to pass with my last day.

In all the coaching courses and books I’ve encountered, it’s agreed that a change in identity is a major life transition and should NEVER be underestimated.  If you are going through that right now or are about to, please take the time to let go.  Acknowledge the loss of who you have been and look forward to who you will be.

3 Suggestions for Approaching New Seasons:

1. Spend time with the people you’ve been with thanking them for making you the man or woman you’ve become.  This allows you to let go of them and leave them well.

2. Be sad, mourn, cry, or laugh.  Whatever it takes or whatever that old identity brings up, do it.  You won’t regret being emotional and releasing yourself from the past (whether it’s good or bad).

3. Pray.  God is the great healer and the One who knows who you’ve been and whom He is making you to be.  Trust Him more than ever.

As I start with Catalyst and Giant Impact today, I am still passionate about the places I have been and the people who are there as well as the person I was.  However, I start today knowing that God, MY heavenly Father, has a plan for who He wants me to be.  The next season of that MAKING starts today.

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