Meyers Briggs and The Screwtape Letters

On January 25, 2013 by Tyler Reagin


Meyers Briggs and Screwtape Letters now have something in common.  His name was Steve Cockram (@stevecockram) and I loved today’s workshop.  Basically, here’s the idea.  Uncle Screwtape was a fictional character in C.S. Lewis’ novel The Screwtape Letters.  He was responsible for training all the new demons on how to destroy Christians.

Steve takes our Meyers Briggs assessment and talks about what would be the ways the Screwtape would suggest to hurt or destroy each of us based on our wiring.  I loved it.  It was very insightful.  Very powerful and dropped a few bombs on the room.  I’ve always been a Right Path guy but watching the Meyers Briggs in action today was really fun.

Here’s the biggest weapon I believe that I realized today.  I believe we can be most protected from the attack of the enemy with self-awareness.  It’s key to being able to keep ol’ Uncle Screwtape from piercing our armor.  When we know where he would try and enter our lives and the insecurities that come with that, we can continue to win the battle.  Learn who you are and how God has uniquely made you.  Self-awareness is the foundation for leadership in so many ways and Uncle Screwtape is confirming that for me daily!


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